‘MACHI has produced high quality content which helps us communicate complex subjects in a way which both resonates and has credibility with a technical audience whilst also engaging with a broader readership.’
— Gary Gaskarth, Head of corporate communications, UK, Atkins

“Brooke has a rare combination of talents, she has a creative streak a mile wide and is also a very dedicated and hard worker. These are attributes that are usually very hard to find in one individual. I worked with Brooke on a project in Russia and my client was particularly challenging. With very little direction and even less material Brooke produced a ‘testimonial’ communication for use at a summit - a very high profile, significant and political event. Following the event, the feedback regarding the communication was that it was “the best part of the Summit”! The client was ecstatic for two reasons, firstly it was a real ‘game changer’ for the project and, secondly, they got the credit for producing it! Working with Brooke was not only a pleasure for me but generated huge success for both my company and my client.”
— Andy Gordon, AG Performance Solutions Ltd
“MACHI has supported our business repeatedly over the past two years and every time we are thrilled with what is delivered. Whether it’s writing case studies, award submissions or other editorial content, Brooke always draws out the story and delivers a fantastic end result. When our company is under pressure to deliver and deadlines are tight, I always trust Brooke to get the job done to a high standard.”
— Confidential client